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Welcome to Apple Studios online
Oil Painting by Susan Jochum
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  • Print your photo on canvas - It's as simple as sending your photo to Snappycanvas.com, or bringing it in to a Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  They will simply print your photo on canvas using ink.  This is not really a painting but it's quick, easy and an inexpensive way of displaying your photo.    Prices usually start around $35 and do not include shipping.
Other Options
  • Paint it yourself - Really!  You can have a paint-by-number kit made up using your photo.  They will analyze the color, mix the paint, and print a paint-by-number canvas.  Check out paintapic.com.  Prices start at $55 and do not include shipping.
  • Online Portrait Shops -  Their prices are very low and production time is short.  Many online sites will use computers for most of the work and have one of their "artists" simply apply the paint.  Beware, the quality of material may be questionable and most of the time you don't know where or who will do the painting.  If they can't make changes to the composition, they are probably using too much technology to call it art.  Many of these sites start just below $100 and do not include shipping.
  • Commission a local artist  - Go to a local gallery and ask about artists in your area.  Support your local economy.
  • Online Artists - Most artists have their own site and there are also sites such as Etsy and PortraitPainters.net that showcase many artists with varying skills, styles and prices.  Check out these sites, find the style you like and ask the artist about price. 
Where I fit in
I'm in the middle and working my way up.  
I have a natural talent and 3 years college training in fine art, but no art degree.  
I've studied in France and seen Masters' works in person.
I've been painting portraits for 8 years and taking online commissions for 5 years.
The only computer technology I use is Photo Shop to aid in the design of some compositions.
​My paints are quality paints with permanent pigments that won't fade. 
I can make changes from your photo to come up with an original composition that suits you.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.
​My prices start at $80 for pets and $175 for people.  This includes shipping within the US
I may not be what you are looking for, in that case consider these other options
  • High End Artists - If you want to commission a high-end portrait take a look at PortraitArtist.com. Again beware, some artists have a lifetime of experience and a Fine Arts degree but many do not.    Most of these artists start at $2000
If you know of other options I can add to this page, please let me know.
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